Hire A Kombi x Earth Covers Blog


For 3 amazing summer nights, we had the ultimate bucket list dream of travelling down the Great Ocean Road in Clancy, the bright orange Kombi Van thanks to Hire a Kombi.

Brandon and myself wound down the windows and turned up Fleetwood Mac on the radio, basking in the feeling of freedom being in the Kombi gives you. Alyce and George have worked so hard to keep the authenticity of all the Kombi’s, enabling you to feel as though you’re travelling into another era.

Making no plans, we found the most perfect secluded beach right before Lorne to park up and take our Earth Covers out for a beach picnic and a refreshing swim in our beautiful Victorian Ocean. Earth Covers are a boho style eco-friendly picnic and interior rug, perfect for living the van life!

Lorne provided the most amazing place to stay for the night in Clancy. The camp site overlooked the ocean from the top of the hill. We lay our Earth Cover out at the back of the van, eating a delicious platter and drinking wine, talking about our life goals and how it would be a dream to live in Clancy full time. It’s these moments in your life when you’re with the one you love, you appreciate the freedom we have and the incredible places in the world we can see.

Sleepy eyes, and salty hair, we awoke to the sun rising at the back of Clancy. We used our Summer Haze Earth Cover as a rug to step out of the van onto. A er the water boiled in the kitchenette, we made a hot coffee and finished watching the sun rise while laying in bed. A slow morning is a good morning.

We drove further down the coastline for the second day, and made our way back slowly on the last day. In our busy lives, it’s always hard to actually slow down. Travelling in Clancy really made us stop and re ect on what life is about - love, laughter, freedom, nature. Our adventure in Clancy was much needed, and we’re so lucky to have these beautiful beaches so close to us in Victoria.

Tick the Kombi adventure o your bucket list as soon as you can - and make use of your Earth Cover that’s coming along for the ride with you too!

Get some sunshine and fresh air!

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